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Individual Therapy

If you decide to begin psychotherapy with me, my primary aim is to provide a safe, confidential space where you’ll be free to express yourself openly, freely and without judgement.


People come to me with a variety of issues - some may be longstanding or ongoing, others may be triggered by a recent event or a difficult or painful situation.


Our work together may begin with identifying the issues which have brought you to therapy and then exploring and making sense of them together. We might look at the relationship you have with yourself and how that impacts the relationships you have with others. Or it could also involve holding up to the light and challenging any beliefs or behaviours that may no longer be serving you.

If it's more a case of working through something more recent or current, such as a separation or getting clarity on a situation you're grappling with, we will take the time for you to explore and express your emotions, allowing you to talk it through and tell your story and so take you to a place of integration, acceptance and greater serenity.

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Psychotherapy is not always easy, comfortable or pain-free and it can sometimes feel "easier" to stop coming when that's the case. In both my personal and professional experience, continuing to show up for yourself and the therapy, even and especially when it's difficult, is a crucial part of the process.


Sitting through the discomfort very often leads to insights, increased self-confidence, clarity and freedom. I believe that psychotherapy can be one of the most significant commitments you make to yourself and I deeply value and appreciate this commitment.

Finally, whatever has led you to get in touch and reach out for help, we will go at a pace that feels right for you and with the utmost compassion and respect for who you are and all that makes you unique.

My Fees for Individual Therapy

My fee for the session lasting 50 minutes is €80. I ask that payment be made either via bank transfer prior to each appointment or by cash or cheque at your appointment. Individual sessions take place on a weekly basis at the same time.

Please take note of my Cancellation Policy

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